How much does it cost?

Martins Environmental Services has an hourly charge for each staff working on site. Hourly rates are not the cheapest on the market but the quality of the work and efficiency of work always pays off. Other services are charged in addition to labour. These may be the purchase and cost of chemicals or fencing materials etc.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to complete a project depends on the extent of the weeds and condition of the bushland. Careful spot spraying takes more time than blanket spraying for example. The chemical chosen may also affect the time taken to complete a project. Staff and equipment are chosen to minimise the time taken to complete a project. Staff are well experienced. Equipment includes the best electrical hand lines for herbicide control, the best spray packs, the best brushcutters etc.

Are the chemicals harmful?

Where possible Martins Environmental Servies uses the least toxic herbicides available and recommended by the Department of Agriculture. These herbicides are recommended for waterways and bushland.
Herbicides used are not harmful in sprayed quantities to human or animal. If ingested directly from the bottle medical advise is needed.

How long do the seeds last in the ground?

Follow up control is always recommended as seeds stored in the ground will germinate when sunlight and moisture become available. The time the seeds remain viable depends on the species of weeds.

Will my dogs, cows or chooks get sick?

No. The herbicides used are recommended for waterways where frogs and fish are at risk. Product labels list the toxicity for dogs, cows and chooks.

Do you spray for termites?

No sorry we dont offer this service.

What happens if it rains?

The uptake of herbicides is through the leaf systems of plants. This has to be drawn into the plant before rain will wash it off. An hour of sunshine is needed after herbicides are applied.

Martins Environmental Services will not apply any herbicides in the rain. Rain will cause delays in weed control services.

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