Bushland  restoration service

Bushland on both government and private property is being restored to protect the natural flora and fauna. Removing weeds is critical to restoring bushland. Weeds outcompete the native plants for water, nutrients and sunlight.

Weeds also disperse their seed and germinate more readily than native plants. Once weeds have been controlled native plants can be reintroduced through planting, spreading seed and encouraging natural regeneration.

Bushland condition assessment

The technique for restoring bushland should be identified after studing the condition of the bushland. What is the extent of weeds and native vegetation present? What habitat is available to wildlife? What are the impacts on the bushland?
Martins Environemntal Service can provide an assessment of the condition of the bushland to assist with bushland restoration planning.

Bushland Restoration of good condition bushland

Bushland with small areas of weeds should be encouraged to regenerate naturally. Weeds can be carefully removed so as not to disturb the soil. This will provide native plants with extra sunlight, soil moisture and nutrients to expand.

Martins Environmental Services offers quality assurance that weeds are controlled in an environmentally sound manner by using only staff with demonstrated commitment to bushland restoration. Staff have formal qualifications on bushland management or onsite experience with bushcare groups. Native vegetation is left untouched and the soil undisturbed.

Bushland Restoration of poor condition bushland

Bushland with large areas of weeds should be replanted with either seeds or tubestock. Seeds may be purchased or collected. The use of fire or smokewater will encourage most seeds to germinate. Martins Environmental Services can provide a plant species list for purchasing seeds and tubestock.

Large areas of planting may require ripping and mounding to prevent the roots of plants from waterlogging and encourage root growth.

Tree planting

Martins Environmental Services provides a planting service. A team of staff with experience in planting in bushland are equipped with hand held tree planters and kidney buckets. The team can also mulch and tree bag planted areas.


A photo record or plant count is important for determining the effectiveness of the bushland restoration. Martins Environmental Serives can install a monitoring point and take photos or plant counts.

Soil protection

Bushland Restoration includes protecting the soil from erosion, which may be present either before or after weed removal. Martins Environmental Services can install mulch, hay bales or weed matting to reduce soil erosion.

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